Free Astro Credit Providers – SuperRewards

Are you not receiving your award after completing your offers?

I will show you where to look for help for every provider.

Let’s get started with SuperRewards

1. Find the Icon. Look for “Get Help”


2. Look for your pending offer. Press Help


3. Fill in your email, and submit.



How do I redeem UGC?

Ultimate Game Card is one of the top-selling prepaid game cards redeemable with OGPlanet. It is available at over 100,000 locations in North America, Australia, New Zealand and countless more internet Cafe and prepaid card top up locations in Brazil, Singapore and many more countries worldwide. s one of the most popular choices of payment for our customers.

Two ways to get UGC

a. Physical card at a store near you (find your store)

b. Buy it online (instruction)

The guide below is focused on how to get a physical card at a store and redeem at OGPlanet. If you do not have time or stores near you, please purchase it online.

Step 1. On my way to the store… “Shoppers Drug Mart” 


Step 2. Look for Prepaid Card Section in the store or ask for Ultimate Game Card 


Step 3. I got $25 UGC. 


Step 4. On the back of the card, scratch off the grey area to get your code.


Step 5. Log into and go to Get Astro Page. Select Prepaid and Ultimate Game Card. Choose your package. 


Step 6. You will be directed to a different page. Put PIN code which is on the back of the card and click Add Card. 


Step 7. Transaction completed! I still have 158 Ultimate Points which I could use in the future. 


Step 8. You will be directed back to with Congratulation message. Astro has been added. 


It is done!

Again if you do not have time or store near you to get UGC, please get PIN for UGC online (instruction

Trying to gift Astro to your friend? Proper way to do it

Gifting Astro to your dear friend is one of the most requested problems our billing team faces.

It does take a bit of time to gift. Please be patient and follow along with our screenshot instructions.

In our example below, the user ID, mf1021, is the one who is gifting Astro.

The user ID, ibm1021, is the one who is receiving the gift.

Step 1. Log into and go to “My Account” 


Step 2. Click on “Buddies” 


Step 3.  Click on “Request Buddy” to add OGP User ID (not in game user ID) that you are trying to gift to. (your friend’s account) 


Step 4. Once submitted, ask your friend to check to see Friends invitation request. The below screenshot shows another account being logged in. The User Id, ibm1021, is the account that  mf1021 wants to gift to.


Step 5. once logged in, please check “My Messages” 


Step 6. Click on “Received Buddy Requests” and accept the request. 


Step 7. Once accepted, mf1021 will log in and go to “Get Astro” page. 


Step 8. Select payment type, select the amount and click on “Gift Astro to another OGPlanet player.” and choose your friend’s account from the list. Finally click on Submit to process your payment. 


Remember that you and your friend should be “buddies” before you gift to your friend. Another thing, you are not allowed to transfer your current Astro to your friend. Our Astro is non-transferable.

Error Codes? See what they really mean

When you have a problem purchasing, most of the time you would get an error message as a pop up. Each error code is associated with a particular problem. Here are some of the definitions of the error codes below.

Error 10902

The previous attempts at purchasing Astros through the payment gateway were declined due to address verification system mismatch.

If you are entering the correct billing address and are still being declined, this means that the location you are attempting to purchase from does not pass this security feature.  Please use an alternative payment method such as PaybyCash or ClickandBuy.  We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Error 10904

This error means that you have entered the information incorrectly – it doesn’t match the information held on record by your bank.  Please make sure all information is correct before submitting – you can do this by checking the information written on the card, as well as by making sure that your billing address appears exactly as it does on your credit card bill or bank statement.

Error 10802

The first OGPlanet User to have purchased Astros through a ClickandBuy account is permanently bound to that account.  No other OGPlanet Users will be able to purchase Astros through that account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to re-associate any accounts.  Either you can use the account that originally purchased Astros to gift Astros to your account or you can try using one of our other billing methods: Secured MasterCard/Visa, PayPal, PayByCash or the OGP game cards.

Error 10704

The first OGPlanet User to have purchased Astros through a PayPal account is permanently bound to that account.  No other OGPlanet Users will be able to purchase Astros through that account.  In addition, only one credit card may be registered to a PayPal account.  If you would like to use this credit card on another PayPal account it will first need to be removed from any other PayPal accounts it is associated with.

Unfortunately, we are unable to re-associate any accounts.  Either you can use the account that originally purchased Astros to gift Astros to your account or you can try using one of our other billing methods: Secured MasterCard/Visa, ClickandBuy, PayByCash or the OGP game cards.

Error 10702

This error code indicates that either your billing address is unconfirmed or your PayPal account is unverified.

If your PayPal account is unverified you can verify it by going here:

In order to confirm your billing address you will need to add a credit card to your PayPal account. PayPal uses your credit card billing information to confirm your shipping address. You can find out more here:

Error 10401,10402

The credit card used cannot be processed by our payment gateway.  There is nothing we can do about this particular case – the payment gateway will not authorize this card.  It is our recommendation that you either use a different credit card, or an alternative payment method such as the official OGPlanet Game Card or PayByCash.

Error 11000 (if you can still log into

This account has been blocked from making purchases by certain payment methods. You may still purchase Astros using the OGPlanet Game Card, Ultimate Game Card, OpenBuck, PaySafeCard or E-Prepag.

As a reminder, the User Agreement, to which you agreed when joining, note that OGPlanet can and does issue warnings, temporary suspensions and permanent terminations of user identities for user violations.  We retain the sole discretion as to when and how to impose warnings, penalties and/or disciplinary actions.  By using the Site, you agree you will be bound by OGPlanet’s determination as to whether a violation has occurred and any penalty we choose to implement.

 Error 11305

Please try again, and if you encounter the same error, please contact PaySafeCard directly to have your issue resolved.

For your convenience, we have provided the link to their Customer Support:

Exhausted? More to be added.

Don’t see your error code? Please comment below. 

Free Astro Credit?

What is it?

OGPlanet is now allowing the accumulation of free Astro Credits. You can collect more free Astro Credits while completing your surveys! With 100 Astro Credits, you get 1 Astro, so we will keep your unused Astro Credits until you reach another 100 Astro Credits to receive 1 Astro.

Don’t be confused by bigger Astro number on the offer wall. The value of a free astro offer is still the same.

Look at the image below. It is one of the offers on Superrewards. At first glance, you might think you would receive Astro 3104 by completing this offer.


In fact, you would receive 3104 Astro credit which would mean 31 Astro and left over 4 Astro credit. 

Next question is what can you do with 4 Astro credit? You can complete more free Astro offers to stack up your Astro credits until it reaches 100 Astro credit. Then, this would turn to 1 Astro.

Why are we doing this?

-By allowing Astro credit to stack up, we are able to provide a variety of free offers which means more opportunities to earn Free Astro!

Where can I obtain free Astro credits? 

Step 1. Please log in to with your OGP ID (not your In Game ID)


Step 2. Click on Get Astro Page


Step 3. Out of six different free offer providers, choose one and enjoy!  ( OGPlanet does not own these offers. Any inquiry should be directed to them.)