Free Astro Credit?

What is it?

OGPlanet is now allowing the accumulation of free Astro Credits. You can collect more free Astro Credits while completing your surveys! With 100 Astro Credits, you get 1 Astro, so we will keep your unused Astro Credits until you reach another 100 Astro Credits to receive 1 Astro.

Don’t be confused by bigger Astro number on the offer wall. The value of a free astro offer is still the same.

Look at the image below. It is one of the offers on Superrewards. At first glance, you might think you would receive Astro 3104 by completing this offer.


In fact, you would receive 3104 Astro credit which would mean 31 Astro and left over 4 Astro credit. 

Next question is what can you do with 4 Astro credit? You can complete more free Astro offers to stack up your Astro credits until it reaches 100 Astro credit. Then, this would turn to 1 Astro.

Why are we doing this?

-By allowing Astro credit to stack up, we are able to provide a variety of free offers which means more opportunities to earn Free Astro!

Where can I obtain free Astro credits? 

Step 1. Please log in to with your OGP ID (not your In Game ID)


Step 2. Click on Get Astro Page


Step 3. Out of six different free offer providers, choose one and enjoy!  ( OGPlanet does not own these offers. Any inquiry should be directed to them.)



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