Trying to gift Astro to your friend? Proper way to do it

Gifting Astro to your dear friend is one of the most requested problems our billing team faces.

It does take a bit of time to gift. Please be patient and follow along with our screenshot instructions.

In our example below, the user ID, mf1021, is the one who is gifting Astro.

The user ID, ibm1021, is the one who is receiving the gift.

Step 1. Log into and go to “My Account” 


Step 2. Click on “Buddies” 


Step 3.  Click on “Request Buddy” to add OGP User ID (not in game user ID) that you are trying to gift to. (your friend’s account) 


Step 4. Once submitted, ask your friend to check to see Friends invitation request. The below screenshot shows another account being logged in. The User Id, ibm1021, is the account that  mf1021 wants to gift to.


Step 5. once logged in, please check “My Messages” 


Step 6. Click on “Received Buddy Requests” and accept the request. 


Step 7. Once accepted, mf1021 will log in and go to “Get Astro” page. 


Step 8. Select payment type, select the amount and click on “Gift Astro to another OGPlanet player.” and choose your friend’s account from the list. Finally click on Submit to process your payment. 


Remember that you and your friend should be “buddies” before you gift to your friend. Another thing, you are not allowed to transfer your current Astro to your friend. Our Astro is non-transferable.


9 thoughts on “Trying to gift Astro to your friend? Proper way to do it”

  1. Hello, If you have sent a helpdesk ticket and have not received a reply from our team within 3 business days. Please let us know your OGP ID in your reply and we will address the issue asap.

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