How to use remaining balance on my UGC (Ultimate Game Card) ?

UGC is one of the most popular choices. In our previous blog, we talked about how to get Astro using UGC. (LINK)

Due to the fees, our users are not able to fully use up the value of the card for a particular choice of amount.

Example, for $20 Astro choice, $20 worth of UGC is not enough to cover due to fees added on top of $20.

However, we have good news for you. First, let’s make an account for UltimatePoints (link)

With UltimatePay account, you would receive UltimatePoints when they overpay for a virtual currency or digital goods.

For example, if you were to redeem a $5 prepaid game card to buy a $4.99 virtual good, the remaining $0.01 would be stored in your UltimatePay account in the form of UltimatePoints.

What Can I Do With my UltimatePoints Balance?

UltimatePoints can be applied towards future purchases in the game which they are stored.

How Can I use my UltimatePoints Balance?

Here is how it works.

1. Log into and go to Get Astro page.




2. Once you proceed with UGC, you will be directed to a UGC payment page. Before, you put in another UGC number.




3. Before, you put in another UGC number, click on Login. You need to have UltimatePay account. (link)




4.  You see that my UltimatePoints were applied and total went down. This is how you use your remaining balance towards your future purchase.




Please remember that in order to use the balance of the card, you should have UltimatePay account and the remaining balance could only be used toward the games in OGPlanet.

Please comment down below if you have any question.







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