Error Codes 10104,10105, 10106


Over the past few days, OGP Billing team has noticed that there is an increase in help desk tickets regarding the Error Code 10104, 10105 and 10106.

Below is what these error codes really mean.


(a)    What does these error codes really mean?


Error Code 10104 You have reached your daily limit
Error Code 10105 You have reached your weekly limit
Error Code 10106 You have reached your monthly limit


(b)   How much can I spend daily, weekly and monthly?


  Daily Maximum Weekly Maximum Monthly Maximum
USD $ 500 $ 1,000 $ 2000

(c) Can I get limit increase?

In the event you ever find yourself needing more Astros, please do not hesitate requesting for an increase of Astro Limit.

However, we have a criterion that Friends and Family of OGPlanet needs to fulfill before your Astro Limit can be raised.

  • Payment Method of Credit Card or Prepaid Card

o   Paypal would be case-by-case review

  • Whether you have ever done a Chargeback or been blocked from playing for any reason.


If you would like to see if you’re eligible for a raise in Astro Limit, please feel free to send us a ticket on our helpdesk or comment on this blog post.

The Billing Team is here to help!


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