Rumble Fighter Closure & Refund

UPDATE: There will be a refund request form available on May 15th at 12 pm PST on our website. On May 15th, please log into to access refund request form. The online refund request form will be available for 3 months. Please remember that refund will be made in a form of Astro. 

  • Astros are refunded directly after clicking the refund button 
  • Only Astros spent in RF from Feb. 2 ~ April 2 will be refunded



Hello all,

As many of you might know, Rumble Fighter will officially be closing on May 23rd 2014.

We are extremely grateful for your support for all these years. If you would like to see what RF team has to say regarding closure, please refer to the link

We have received many inquiries regarding what really happened and how the refund will be issued.

We strive to be transparent with our users. We apologize for delay in getting back to all of you.

Please take a moment to read Q&A below.

(1)  What really happened?

Nimonix, the developer of Rumble Fighter and OGPlanet were unable to renew publishing rights to continue Rumble Fighter service. Our contract with Nimonix ends on May 23rd 2014, which will be the day of official closure for Rumble Fighter. Every three years, OGPlanet and Nimonix renew contract. However, this time, it did not work out.


(2)  What is our refund policy for this closure?


All Rumble Fighter players have received 10,000 Astros which could only be used in Rumble Fighter.


The refund for Astros will be available for those who have purchased any of Rumble Fighter’s in game item on or after February 2nd, 2014. In other words, qualified users will receive Astros as compensation.The number of Astros is calculated by adding up Astros spent to purchase items within Rumble Fighter game store on or after February 2nd 2014.


Please note that as per our billing agreement, (a) any purchase made before February 2nd 2014 will not be refunded and (b) the refund for Rumble Fighter will only be issued in the form of Astros. No other forms of refund will be available.

If you are still not satisfied with our refund policy, please take a moment to review our billing agreement which you agreed when making Astros purchases.


(3)  When are we receiving refund and how does it work?

All refunds will be provided to the eligible users by May 31st 2014. Qualified users will be able to request Astro refund in May. Our IT team is currently working on creating platform where qualified users can submit the Astro refund request.



Please follow our billing blog for future updates regarding refund.




34 thoughts on “Rumble Fighter Closure & Refund”

    1. Hello Tim,

      We are looking at next week to be the refund date. If you would like, we are able to manually provide refund for your account. What is your OGP User ID?

      1. mines is MLRR0R
        and its a zero not a o.
        spent almost 500$ us for astros so please i would really appreciate it ogp staffs..

      2. Hello,

        You are eligible for Astro refund according to criteria we have explained in the article.

        Could you provide us with more information regarding your problem?

  1. Hello I need to urgently speak with one of you guys. My ogplanet account (which i did purchase a significant amount of astros on and spent tons of time using) has suddenly disappeared, And there is no way of me being able to reach helpdesk without an account . . . I attempt to login and it says my password is wrong..I try to recover my password from the email i signed up with and they say my email doesn’t exist.

    I have used my main email to comment on this post so please reply here or message me with assistance please…

  2. some of us used prepaid cards and can not be refunded, is it possible to be refunded to paypal and such instead?

    1. Hello,

      Prepaid cards are not refundable as it is considered to be a form of cash. This is true particularly for online transactions.

      Thank you for your understanding.

    2. Hi there,

      As OG Planet specified in the closing notice, you will be refunded in astros and not in cash. In other words, the method of payment you chose should not affect your refund.

  3. I have 2 ogp accounts where i both buyed a serious amount of astro which i want to be refunded: riflz, yassirtje. They are both OGP accounts where i put some astro on for rumble fighter.

    1. Hello,

      There will be refund request from on May 15th at 12 pm PST when you log onto your OGP account.

      For your case, simply log onto each account one by one and fill out the request form.

      Thank you for your patience.

      1. Not sure if the forms have been put in, but I don’t see any astro refund form as of yesterday :x!

    1. Hello,

      We no longer do manual refund since we have implemented a refund form which allows for immediate Astro refund to your account.

      UPDATE: There will be a refund request form available on May 15th at 12 pm PST on our website. On May 15th, please log into to access refund request form. The online refund request form will be available for 3 months. Please remember that refund will be made in a form of Astro.

      Astros are refunded directly after clicking the refund button
      Only Astros spent in RF from Feb. 2 ~ April 2 will be refunded

  4. Why did ogp have to give rumble fighter away to game campus? What did you guys do wrong, from the rumors I heard. You guys were secretly stealing money from people’s credit cart, i’m not saying it’s true, I’m curios.

    1. Hello Kris,

      Given how popular Rumble Fighter has been, OGPlanet has tried its best to renew a contact. However, Nimonix and OGPlanet could not agree to the terms.

      We do not take away any fund from credit cards. In fact, we do not have any aceess to your credit card information as we have installed which secures the payment process.

      1. Hello Patrick,

        Thank you for your comment.

        We are unable to provide any information as such matters were confidential between the publishers and developers.

    1. We are able to provide you with refund only if the date of request is within two weeks of the purchase. If you would like to receive Astro for the closure of Rumble Fighter, we would be able to do so as shown in our post above. (Conditions apply)

  5. I bought many astros but when i click to “Astro Refund” buttton there”s no astro. Please reply me fast.
    ID: polyboubis .

  6. Hello, I never received my Astro refund and I’m not understanding why. I was not given a request form to get the refund and I spent a well amount of Astros on rumble fighter during that time period. I was told that the Astros would be put in my account after may 23rd which was the official closing of rumble fighter from the Ogplanet company, but I still never received them. My used history shows I spent astros during that time period on rumble fighter. I am aware that rumble fighter is not apart of Ogplanet company anymore, but I would like to receive the Astros back that I spent. I would like for someone to reply back to this as soon as possible. Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry that you were unable to receive the refund automatically, however we notified our users at the time and there were 3 months during which we had a manual refund page online where users could go to the page, enter their userID and then receive the refund. We kept that page online for a period of more than 3 months after the closure. Subsequently, the page was pulled offline and now we have ceased to offer Rumble Fighter refunds.

      Currently, we are unable to offer you your requested Astros and are sorry that we are unable to do anything about the matter.

      OGP Billing Team

  7. Hello,
    So upon coming back to OG Planet I couldn’t help but notice the lack of Rumble Fighter. Seeing as the the time has passed I am still rather pissed on the matter that along the time I was gone the game that I invested in is now gone. I literately invested in that damn game and whatever fall between you two companies I could careless it is my money that I and my wife lost on the damn fallout between you franchises. So can we get a refund or do we get shafted? My name is our accounts name would appreciate a response.

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