OGPlanet VIP Membership



At OGPlanet, we want to celebrate and share our love with members that are close to our hearts.

Therefore, we have revised our VIP Program and are excited to invite you to be our highly highly honoured VIP Member.


So before we continue further, let us tell you what you need to become a VIP member!

You have played OGPlanet games and spent USD $450 in the past 3 months.

(Yes, it’s that simple!)


Now, you must be wondering what sets apart an OGPlanet VIP member?

You will be getting


–          Monthly 25% Bonus Astro Coupons

–          Special and Exclusive Events in the coming months!

–          VIP Helpdesk Access



The monthly 25% Bonus Astro Coupons will appear in your account.

** We will give you access to VIP Helpdesk after you’ve been approved.


However, this VIP Membership renews every 6 months. After 6 months, we would evaluate to see whether you’ve fulfilled the criteria again!

You will receive an email from us if you are eligible for this program.






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