Xsolla and its 700+ Localized Payment Methods Added

Dear OGP Users,

For the convenience of our international users, as well as those wishing to purchase Astros using a very large variety of suitable cash or prepaid means (as well as localized internet banking and credit card payment options), we have now introduced the ability to purchase Astros using the Xsolla aggregator platform.

Xsolla Logo

Xsolla introduces more than 700+ localized payment options for countries all around the world. No matter where you live or are gaming at OGPlanet from – be it South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Australia or Asia – rest assured, Xsolla has got you covered.

Xsolla allows you to purchase Astros by using a large selection of country-based payment methods, such as localized credit card, local internet banking, mobile and many more local cash based or prepaid options.

In order to purchase Astros using Xsolla, just select the “Xsolla” option at the Get Astros screen:


We hope you enjoy the convenience Xsolla brings in to purchase Astros using familiar and local. Please send a ticket to the billing help desk for any queries, questions, help or feedback regarding any billing related issue.


4 thoughts on “Xsolla and its 700+ Localized Payment Methods Added”

    1. Hi Danny,

      Thank you for contacting us through this blog.

      Can you please let us know if you are purchasing through Steam, or directly using the OGPlanet website?


      OGP Billing

  1. Hello, I purchased astros through offgamers, however, there is no option to redeem the card codes. Is there a link to enter the codes anywhere? Please help.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for visiting our billing blog.

      As of May 7th, 2013, we stopped accepting OGPCards, which is what it seems you happen to have purchased from Offgamers.

      Please read this notice for more information:- http://www.ogplanet.com/news/ogp/notice/7802/view.og

      We apologize that this was still available at Offgamers, as we had made every effort to pull it off stores and online when it was retired back in 2013.

      Please contact Offgamers for a refund.


      OGPlanet Billing

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