Guide to Common Recent Error Codes and How to Navigate Around Them

Dear OGP Friends,

In this post, we are going to explore a summary of common error codes that you might encounter when trying to purchase on our website, the meaning behind those error codes, and how to overcome these errors.

Error Code 11000

Error ticker ‘Unfortunately, your request has been denied due to security measures. Please try again later.’ The most common reason for error code 11000 is attempting to purchase Astros repeatedly during a short window of time. Please allow at least an hour to pass before attempting to purchase again when you see this error.

Error Code 300

This means the transaction was rejected by the internet payment gateway. There are multiple reasons why this error might occur.

  • Address verification system mismatch; the street address or zip/postal code entered does not match the issuer record. Please review your credit card or bank statement and try to enter the address character by character as it appears on the statement.
  • Card Code Mismatch – the card verification value at the back of the card is not entered correctly
  • The transaction has been rejected by the credit card issuer

Error Code 10901

This error is usually caused when a browser extension or add-on, such as Adblocker or Adblock Plus, or a firewall or anti-virus software interferes with the loading process of the website’s transaction steps. This error can be solved by using a different browser, disable extensions/going incognito (or private browsing), or using another device to purchase the Astros.

Error Code 10704

This error means that a different PayPal account than the one used before on the same OGPlanet account is being used to attempt purchase of Astros. This is because the first OGPlanet User to have purchased Astros through a PayPal account is permanently bound to that account.  No other OGPlanet Users will be able to purchase Astros through that account.  In addition, only one credit card may be registered to a PayPal account.  If you would like to use this credit card on another PayPal account, it will first need to be removed from any other PayPal accounts it is associated with.


Introducing: Billing Live Chat

Hello OGP Friends,

When you visit the Get Astros page on the OGPlanet website, you may notice a new “Live Chat” icon the bottom-right corner of the screen:

Live Chat Icon

Clicking on this icon will take you to the live chat widget screen:
Live Chat Screen

Enter your username, account registered email in the boxes provided.

Then type in your question in the 3rd box, and wait for the Agent OGP Billing Team to enter the conversation.

in-chat screen

Please note, Billing Live Chat will be limited to the hours of 9am to 6pm OGP time. Type in “Pacific Time” on the Google search bar at any time to find out what time it is in the OGP time zone, or click here.


How to Use Visa/MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards to Purchase Astros

Hello OGP Friends,

We hope all of our users had an enjoyable holiday season.

As quite a lot of you would have received Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift cards over the holiday season and would like to use it to purchase Astros, we are going to summarize the easiest way to do so.

Unfortunately, our website’s built-in Visa/MasterCard payment system is not designed with prepaid cards in mind – only permanent credit cards with a verifiable billing address which are enrolled in either Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

However, there is good news. Visa/MasterCard prepaid cards can still be easily used to redeem Astros.

Just follow these instructions to purchase using a Visa/MasterCard prepaid card:-

  • Open the Get Astros page on your browser
  • Make sure that either ‘All’ or ‘Credit Card’ is selected at the top
  • Click on either the Skrill or Xsolla 700+ Methods Icon (our recommended method is Skrill)
  • American Express cards may also be redeemed using this method
  • Now you will be taken to either of these screens, depending on the method of prepaid card you selected (Skrill or Xsolla)

Skrill Pay By Card Screen


  • On the Skrill or Xsolla screens, just enter the details such as card number, expiry date and card verification value as shown on your prepaid Visa/MasterCard, and click “Pay Now”
  • Pending successful transaction, you will now have the desired number of Astros purchased

As summarized in this post, and after completing these steps, you would now have Astros to spend on any game items of your liking on your favourite OGPlanet games.

Thank you for supporting our games, and we hope to see your continued involvement in the OGPlanet community.

If you have any billing questions, please don’t hesitate to ask questions here, and if your inquiry is urgent, send us a Help Desk ticket and we would get back to you shortly.