Final Chance to use your Ultimate Game Card codes


As UGC is closing down soon, we thought it would be good to remind our dear users of the pending closure of their service.

After several years of helping online gamers pay for Astros on OGPlanet games, UGC will be retiring at the end of September.

As of August 15th 2014, UGC was pulled off from retail stores and online resellers worldwide and is no longer available. However, those in possession of an Ultimate Game Card or a UGC code are still able to redeem the codes until September 30, 2014. The codes will no longer be active by the first day of October 2014.

We would like to remind anyone with a UGC card in hand to redeem the code as soon as possible on our website. This can be done by:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘All’ or ‘Prepaid’
  • Select ‘Ultimate Game Card’
  • Ensure the upper right corner of the screen shows your country, or the country of purchase of the UGC card (for currency purposes)
  • Enter your UGC code
  • Complete the transaction

Any remaining Ultimate Points (UPoints) can still be redeemed up till October 31, 2014. UPoints are leftover balances from UGC purchases. Full instructions on how to redeem UPoints can be found here:

Thank you for support of OGPlanet games.


How do I redeem UGC?

Ultimate Game Card is one of the top-selling prepaid game cards redeemable with OGPlanet. It is available at over 100,000 locations in North America, Australia, New Zealand and countless more internet Cafe and prepaid card top up locations in Brazil, Singapore and many more countries worldwide. s one of the most popular choices of payment for our customers.

Two ways to get UGC

a. Physical card at a store near you (find your store)

b. Buy it online (instruction)

The guide below is focused on how to get a physical card at a store and redeem at OGPlanet. If you do not have time or stores near you, please purchase it online.

Step 1. On my way to the store… “Shoppers Drug Mart” 


Step 2. Look for Prepaid Card Section in the store or ask for Ultimate Game Card 


Step 3. I got $25 UGC. 


Step 4. On the back of the card, scratch off the grey area to get your code.


Step 5. Log into and go to Get Astro Page. Select Prepaid and Ultimate Game Card. Choose your package. 


Step 6. You will be directed to a different page. Put PIN code which is on the back of the card and click Add Card. 


Step 7. Transaction completed! I still have 158 Ultimate Points which I could use in the future. 


Step 8. You will be directed back to with Congratulation message. Astro has been added. 


It is done!

Again if you do not have time or store near you to get UGC, please get PIN for UGC online (instruction