How to Use Visa/MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards to Purchase Astros

Hello OGP Friends,

We hope all of our users had an enjoyable holiday season.

As quite a lot of you would have received Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift cards over the holiday season and would like to use it to purchase Astros, we are going to summarize the easiest way to do so.

Unfortunately, our website’s built-in Visa/MasterCard payment system is not designed with prepaid cards in mind – only permanent credit cards with a verifiable billing address which are enrolled in either Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

However, there is good news. Visa/MasterCard prepaid cards can still be easily used to redeem Astros.

Just follow these instructions to purchase using a Visa/MasterCard prepaid card:-

  • Open the Get Astros page on your browser
  • Make sure that either ‘All’ or ‘Credit Card’ is selected at the top
  • Click on either the Skrill or Xsolla 700+ Methods Icon (our recommended method is Skrill)
  • American Express cards may also be redeemed using this method
  • Now you will be taken to either of these screens, depending on the method of prepaid card you selected (Skrill or Xsolla)

Skrill Pay By Card Screen


  • On the Skrill or Xsolla screens, just enter the details such as card number, expiry date and card verification value as shown on your prepaid Visa/MasterCard, and click “Pay Now”
  • Pending successful transaction, you will now have the desired number of Astros purchased

As summarized in this post, and after completing these steps, you would now have Astros to spend on any game items of your liking on your favourite OGPlanet games.

Thank you for supporting our games, and we hope to see your continued involvement in the OGPlanet community.

If you have any billing questions, please don’t hesitate to ask questions here, and if your inquiry is urgent, send us a Help Desk ticket and we would get back to you shortly.



Xsolla and its 700+ Localized Payment Methods Added

Dear OGP Users,

For the convenience of our international users, as well as those wishing to purchase Astros using a very large variety of suitable cash or prepaid means (as well as localized internet banking and credit card payment options), we have now introduced the ability to purchase Astros using the Xsolla aggregator platform.

Xsolla Logo

Xsolla introduces more than 700+ localized payment options for countries all around the world. No matter where you live or are gaming at OGPlanet from – be it South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Australia or Asia – rest assured, Xsolla has got you covered.

Xsolla allows you to purchase Astros by using a large selection of country-based payment methods, such as localized credit card, local internet banking, mobile and many more local cash based or prepaid options.

In order to purchase Astros using Xsolla, just select the “Xsolla” option at the Get Astros screen:


We hope you enjoy the convenience Xsolla brings in to purchase Astros using familiar and local. Please send a ticket to the billing help desk for any queries, questions, help or feedback regarding any billing related issue.

Rixty and Money Online (MOL) introduced / step-by-step guide

Hello users,

For the convenience of our global users, as well as those wishing to purchase using prepaid and cash methods, we have now introduced the ability to purchase Astros using RIXTY and MONEY ONLINE (MOL). Rixty and MOL are services which allow you to purchase Astros by using a very large selection of prepaid/cash means, such as the Rixty prepaid card available from chain stores, loading balance at your local stores, as well as local banking options. In most cases they allow you to be billed in your local currency.

For example, in Canada you can purchase Rixty prepaid cards in any Loblaws or Safeway store. In Brazil, Rixty cards are available at Walmart stores as well as a large number of other ones. Go on to find out where to buy Rixty cards according to your location.

rixty selection

In addition, Rixty prepaid cards are available in a wide variety of stores in Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Rixty also supports UKash, which is available in a wide variety of shops worldwide; as well as OneCard whch is available in the Middle East and North Africa.

To purchase Astros using the Rixty & MOL option:

  • The first step should be for you to choose the Rixty-MOL option at the ‘Prepaid’ section of the ‘Get Astro’ page. On the top-left currency corner, please select “International” or “North America”, depending on where you are located and purchasing from.
  • Once on the Rixty payment screen, on the lower right corner, choose your country’s flag (in case it isn’t automatically detected and selected). Now you will be shown all the local options of how to pay through Rixty in your country.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen for each method and you should be good to go, with an easy and conveniently localized way to pay for your Astros!
  • To view any information about the payment method, click on the “?” next to payment method.
  • If you are playing from Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United States and do not find a suitable and localized way to pay on the Rixty options, choose “Transfer from MOL Account” to see even a wider variety and more local options to pay for Astros.
  • Through MOL, you are able to access additional number of local payment options, as well as the MOL website in local languages. MOL fully supports alternative and local payment options in Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United States.

rixty payment screen

As you can see, there is also an option to transfer MOLPoints to a Rixty account to purchase Astros as well and you can follow these step-by-step instructions to do this:

To purchase using MOLPoints, you can reload MOLPoints to purchase Astros in a variety of ways.

  • Click on “Transfer from MOL Account”. Balance can be transferred between MOL and Rixty.
  • Open in your browser. In the upper right corner, select your country.
  • Go to the reload information page and select your country on the upper right hand corner (
  • Depending on your country, you will see a list of options and ways to reload your MOLPoints.
  • Register for a free MOLPoints account (
  • After registering online, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on a single link that MOL will send you to your email address.
  • Log in to your account, and you will be taken to this page:
  • Here, on the left hand side, you will see all the available options for reloading balance on your MOL account.
  • You are able to click on the payment options’ “help” button and details will be shown on how to reload your MOL account balance using the payment option. Follow the instructions on the ‘reload now’ pages of the payment channels to reload balance on your MOL account.
  • To choose a payment channel, click on the ‘reload now’ button under the payment channel of your choice.
  • Follow the instructions and you will be able to load MOLPoints, which can be used to purchase Astros through the Rixty option on the OGPlanet website.

Remember, if you are unable to find a good cash option to pay using Rixty, you are always able to use MOL in addition to have even a wider variety of payment options to choose from. We hope you enjoy your time using Astros on our game. Please send a ticket to the billing help desk for any queries, questions and help regarding Rixty and MOL payments.

How to update your credit card information


Recently we have been receiving an overwhelming number of enquiries regarding changing Credit Card Information. So, here we are putting up a post to help you along the way.


If you use Credit Card to purchase Astros (and if you select to remember your credit card information), you should see that the website remembers your information (the software actually encrypts information as it’s entered — keeping credit card numbers safe and secure.)

If you recently changed your credit card and want to remove your past information, you can delete it by pressing the (X)



If you do press the (X) button, the OGPlanet Billing Website will bring you to this page to enter your new information.




We hope this is helpful for you.

If you find yourself having more questions or continuing having difficulty removing your past information, please fill free to comment on this blogpost or contact us at


Prepaid Visa/Master Gift Card ?

Hello all~

I’m sure you have heard or seen of a Prepaid Visa or MasterCard hanging beside the UGC/Openbucks/PaySafeCard at participating stores

It’ll look something like this:


Mastercard picture      Visa Card picture



Note; there are 2 types of Prepaid credit cards.

–          One time Usage Cards

–          Reloadable Cards (We strongly discourage buying this card, as there are monthly fees to the card!!)

Well, you can actually purchase Astro using One time Usage prepaid credit card rather than using the usual PrePaid payment options that we offer.

How you may ask?

You can use PayPal.

In a recent post, we did a step-by-step tutorial on how to link your Credit Card to PayPal for smoother transactions (link)

Yes, it is that simple! You can simply add your prepaid credit cards to your Paypal account.


However we have to inform you guys that when you purchase the Prepaid Visa/MasterCard, there will be a one-time activation fee (you have to pay when you purchase the card).

Vanilla Visa Purchasing Fees
$25 $2.88
$50 $3.88
$100 $5.38
$200 $6.88


Now, you’re probably wondering “Why should I even consider getting the card since there is a onetime activation fee?”

With our different methods of payment, there is a different conversion rate and if you do pay by PayPal/Mastercard, you will get a different rate.

So, we’ll show you the difference.

This is the general “exchange rate” for the different methods of prepaid payment.

$5 USD 75 Astros 88 Astros 80 Astros
$10 USD 150 Astros 176 Astros 160 Astros
$20 USD 5% Coupon 300  + 15 Bonus = 315 Astros 352 + 17.6 Bonus = 369.76 Astros 320 + 16 Bonus = 336 Astros
$50 USD 10% Coupon 750 + 75 Bonus = 825 Astros 880 + 88 Bonus = 968 Astros 800 + 80 Bonus = 880 Astros
$100 USD 20% Coupon 1500 + 300 = 1800 Astros 1760 + 352 Bonus = 2112 Astros 1600 + 320 Bonus = 1920 Astros
$200 USD 25% Coupon 3000 + 750 Bonus = 3750 Astros 3520 + 880 Bonus = 4400 Astros 3200 + 800 Bonus = 4000 Astros


With a $25 Prepaid Visa/MasterCard and onetime fee of $2.88,

If using $25 Vanilla Visa Cards for Purchases < $25 Customer Actually Paying Astros Received
$5 USD $5 + $0.58 = $5.58 100 Astros
$10 USD $10 + $115= $11.15 200 Astros
$20 USD $20 + $2.30 = $22.30 400 + 20 Bonus = 420 Astros


With $50 Prepaid Visa/MasterCard and onetime fee of $3.88,

If using $50 Vanilla Visa Cards for Purchase < $50 Customer Actually Paying Astros Received
$5 USD $5 + $0.39 = $5.39 100 Astros
$10 USD $10 + $0.78 = $10.78 200 Astros
$20 USD $20 + $1.55 = $21.55 400 + 20 Bonus = 420 Astros
$50 USD $50 + $3.88 = $53.88 1000 + 100 Bonus = 1100 Astros


With $100 Prepaid Visa/MasterCard and onetime fee of $5.38,

If using $100 Vanilla Visa Cards for Purchase < $100 Customer Actually Paying Astros Received
$5 USD $5 + $0.27 = $5.27 100 Astros
$10 USD $10 + $0.54 = $10.54 200 Astros
$20 USD $20 + $1.08 = $21.08 400 + 20 Bonus = 420 Astros
$50 USD $50 + $2.69= $52.69 1000 + 100 Bonus = 1100 Astros
$100 USD $100 + $5.38 = $5.38 2000 + 400 Bonus = 2400 Astros


With $200 Prepaid Visa/MasterCard and onetime fee of $6.88,

If using $200 Vanilla Visa Cards for Purchase < $200 Customer Actually Paying Astros Received
$5 USD $5 + $0.17 = $5.17 100 Astros
$10 USD $10 + $0.34 = $10.34 200 Astros
$20 USD $20 + $0.69 = $20.69 400 + 20 Bonus = 420 Astros
$50 USD $50 + $1.72= $51.72 1000 + 100 Bonus = 1100 Astros
$100 USD $100 + $3.44 = $103.44 2000 + 400 Bonus = 2400 Astros
$200 USD $200 + $ 6.88 = $206.88 4000 + 1000 Bonus = 5000 Astros



We hope that this information will be helpful to you when you are buying your PrePaid Gift Card!

Also, if you’re buying the PrePaid Visa/MasterCard in Canada, the activation fees defer.

Vanilla Visa   Purchasing Fees
$35 $4.50
$75 $5.50
$150 $6.50
$200 $6.95


Please double check and triple check that it’s the onetime usage cards before purchasing them, we wouldn’t want you to buy a reloadable prepaid credit card and end up paying more transaction costs than needed.


And as always, all of these prices are in USD.
If you are purchasing any of these prepaid cards outside of USA, there will be a conversion fee.


Please let us know if you have any question by commenting down below.



No more Astro from Amazon

Let’s start by copying and pasting our official announcement.

“Dear OGPlanet customers, 

We regret to inform you all that, starting on March 22, Astro will not be available for purchase on Amazon. 
These changes are never easy, but by providing sustainable services, we can concentrate on building better, convenient payment methods for our customers. 
For any feedback or suggestion, please visit our blog.”

For those who have been using Amazon to obtain Astro, you might wonder why? why take it down?

The answer is simple. We provide many different ways to purchase Astro as shown on our Get Astro page. To name a few, credit card, Paypal, Skrill, Zong and more.

As every payment method comes with different rates, OGPlanet and Amazon has failed to come to an agreement to provide a sustainable rate for our customers.

We hope you understand our decision. If you have any other service in mind that we should consider, please comment below.

We thank you for your understanding.